Did you ever think you would miss traffic? Us neither.

While we’re sure that none of you miss the terrible drivers, honking of horns and general angst traffic may bring, we somehow find ourselves reminiscing about a time we once all had to ourselves. Time alone in the car to simply enjoy audio without interference. Commuting can be seen as a pain, but it comes with the benefit of  “you time” before the stark reality of the workday inevitably sets in.

The daily trip to your office space can be a time to do your best thinking, listen to your favourite song seven times in a row (without being judged for vocal performances) and visualise how you are going to deal with Bob in accounting this week. Over the last year that has changed for many of us as regular drives to the office have been replaced with frequent walks to the kitchen. But we’re here to remind you what you may be missing out on and provide some suggested listening that’ll keep you motivated and fresh with new ideas.

The first in our “Commute Series” of articles will focus on Podcasts.

Welcome to podcasting – What happens when anyone that can buy a mic and host a show about a random topic does just that.

Podcasts have been around for longer than you think, and in the last five or so years the concept has really taken off given low production and creative costs. Anyone can be a podcaster from the comfort of their own home and broadcast to listeners around the world. It also isn’t live radio, so editing means shows ranging from 45 minutes to two hours are well timed and informative. No topic is off limits, swearing is allowed and surprisingly, many people are really good at this.

What makes the podcast world so fascinating is that there is literally a show for everyone, and we do mean everyone. As a premier office space provider in South Africa, we have an affinity for interesting business-based podcasts as well as a desire to learn about how other industries operate. We also enjoy a bit of gossip and insider info as much as the next person.

Podcasts can have specific topics, but we prefer the shows that cover a more extensive range of topics which include Hollywood gossip, health, parenting, technology, cooking, and even wine making. There is a dedicated podcast for everyone’s taste and interests and this specificity gives podcasters the freedom to tap into their own knowledge wells and enjoy themselves and their guests without having to pander to advertisers or worry about ratings. Many podcasts are also incredible insights into the passion on display in their respective fields. Anyone who is both knowledgeable and passionate about a topic is worth listening to for 45 minutes.

We have put together a quick list of our current favourite podcasts that help us get through the day with a smile and into bed at night a little more informed. Whether you are travelling back into the office on a more regular basis or walking to the fridge multiple times a day to determine if food miraculously appeared since your last visit, enjoy our commute-friendly podcast list below.


The Joe Rogan Experience

The heavyweight of podcasts with over 190 million downloads per month. Comedian, UFC lover and a vegetarian’s worst nightmare, Joe Rogan made the switch from YouTube to Spotify in the largest deal in podcast history. Around the same time he moved his entire life from the high tax rates and golden beaches of California to the lower tax rates and freedom lands of Texas.

The show continues to bring on fascinating guests at regular intervals including Bitcoin loving Elon Musk, the “voice of a generation” Dave Chapelle and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. But it’s not all celebrities all  the time. With Rogan’s incredible ability to ask poignant questions regarding topics you would not initially expect him to be knowledgeable on, he dives into the psyche of each interviewee which is the real meal ticket. This hosts ability to put guests at ease and draw an interview out in an entertaining fashion is why this podcast sets a global standard.

Here is a great list to start you on the Rogan Experience – 25 top class interviews.

Get Listening

Prepare for an introduction into new and fascinating humans, being told a few times that meat is really good for you and that psychedelics and psilocybin are here to improve our cognitive thinking and mental health. You probably won’t agree with everyone on this podcast, but you will be privy to their way of thinking and why, which is what we need more of in our lives right now.

One caution: Length. Most of these podcasts run upwards of three hours.


To any of you Arrested Development fans out there, this is podcasting gold. Jason Bateman and Will Arnett are joined by their close friend and star of Will & Grace, Sean Hayes for a self-confessed mess of a podcast that they believe only has one listener. Informative, silly, fun with irresistibly charming people.

What makes this podcast so interesting is you almost feel as though you are listening to these three obviously close friends, with years of history between them, have private conversations. Bouncing off of each other with an incredibly kind, sometimes harsh and engaging chemistry that is not for the faint hearted – you know their friendships are real, and that in itself makes it fun to listen to.

Their guests read like an IMDB page of a Tarantino movie. Ricky Gervais talking about dinner conversations at Arnett’s and Bateman discussing Aniston’s catering skills are hilarious. Recently a great podcast was more serious in tone with David Sinclair – included in the Time 100 as one of the hundred most influential people in the world – he is an award-winning biologist, professor of genetics, and highly-regarded for his profound work in the ageing and anti-ageing field.

The point of Smartless is to learn something, which we always do.

The premise is that each week one of them will choose a mystery guest that they interview for around 50 minutes. The other two pretend like they don’t know who is coming on and then have their time to ask a host of questions.

An absolute highlight is their interview with American Vice President Kamala Harris – link below – who proves incredibly captivating.

Listen Here

With the combined experience in acting, directing, writing, singing and anything else in the entertainment industry you can think of, combined with a general “nice guys talking @&#%” feeling means you are always in for an entertaining, intelligent and morale-boosting time.

Released every Monday – found on all major music streaming services.

Dax Shepard – Armchair Expert

Every podcast needs a unique angle to set itself apart from the rest. Dax Shepard, the once known goofy guy from fan favourite movies such as Without a Paddle and Employee of The Month has over the years, written, directed and starred in some really great movies and TV series. What you perhaps don’t know is that he has also grown into an introspective and interesting man and a self-professed armchair expert on all things.

Titled “The Armchair Expert”, this podcast aids us in learning more about a vast range of topics from psychology, sales, tech and even parenting. The man himself, his addiction to many things (attention being one of them) and life married to America’s sweetheart, Kristen Bell are all on the table. He co-hosts the show with Monica Padman (Mouse).

Delving into one’s psyche to figure out why we do certain things is never off topic. Mental Health is front and centre and that coupled with incredible openness and honesty gives this podcast its charm.

The podcast calls on pretty much everyone that is at the top of their field including scientists, professors, psychologists, actors, writers, CEO’s and more.

A fantastic starting off point is their interview with Susan David, a world-renowned South African psychologist and leading management thinker who has a great chat about how we can create distance between ourselves and our emotions.

Listen Here

The introspection on display from both hosts who so lovingly share their thoughts with their audience is why this podcast has found such a growing fan base over the last few years, now ranked as one of the most listened to podcasts in the world. How far the guy who found fame on Punk’d pretending to be the FBI repossessing Justin Timberlake’s house has come. You have to love that career trajectory and their conversation about it is also quality.

A fantastic part of the show at the moment is a once-a-month segment Armchaired and Dangerous with David Farrier, a New Zealand journalist who delves into conspiracy theories, how they started and the truth behind them.

Find Your Podcast!

As we have said, there is something for everyone and you should not stop searching until you find it. Below are a few links to get you started, including the great podcasts above.

Happy listening everyone.

More Great Podcasts




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    Email: info@officeandco.co.za

    Please complete the form below and we will get back to you soonest. We look forward to discussing your office space requirements.