Office Space Hygiene | Coworking space and Hygiene

In order to reopen our office space branches we have taken the initiative to focus on our customers well being and have worked closely with LabourNet who have assisted us in meeting the strict requirements to operate.

This includes

  • All our staff are trained to prevent getting the virus and what to do in the event of a positive case
  • All our employees are given 2 x branded fabric masks to wear while working
  • We have additional disposable masks for clients who forget their masks as we have a no mask no entry policy in all our branches
  • We have thermometers in each branch and do tests on all employees and tenants
  • Posters for awareness in all the strategic areas
  • Sanitiser spray in the entrance of all our offices and in the kitchen areas
Office Space Entry Tags | Office and Co | Johannesburg

Access control is now tag based and not finger print control

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Our regulations for all to see

Stop!! In the name of the law!

We ask that all our tenants are aware with our policies and adhere to them as well as their own safety requirements.

We have attained our requirement certifications and look forward to seeing you back at the office! Let’s stay safe and healthy and get back to work.