The coronavirus is turning our daily lives upside down. People are stocking up on canned goods, we’re not allowed to have braais together or even leave the house, and we have to work from home. And, while working from home can be challenging, it certainly has many benefits too.

Set-up is important

Firstly, you need to get set-up. Preferably a quiet space somewhere away from distractions, such as children and television. If you have a small home, this may have to be your bedroom, and that’s okay. Just make sure you put in a small desk and chair, so you’re not sitting on your comfy bed where productivity will be low.

Clear the immediate space around you and try to make this area feel separate from your home space, so your mind can switch into work-mode as you sit down. Also, you want a tidy space, so you appear professional when on a video conference call.  Have a look at what the background looks like behind you through the camera.

The at-home benefits


A big benefit of being set-up at home, in a secluded corner of the house, is that it’s completely quiet and free from co-workers. This makes it a great place to concentrate. It’s also free of all those sometime annoying co-worker habits, such as loud telephone calls, noisy chewing, and your lunch going missing from the communal fridge.

But during this time, keep the TV off, Netflix is not your friend during work hours and the fridge is not going to produce more food every time that you open it. Do not panic, your body does need need to eat every five minutes because of a quarantine. Stick to your eating plan and of course, stick to your schedule. Wake up at the same time, instead of sitting in traffic, do some yoga. See it isn’t all bad. Plus you probably don’t have to actually deal with Karen in accounting in person for a while

The coronavirus is going to change the way we do business in the future. Firstly, businesses will have to prioritise office hygiene. And secondly, you’ll find many companies will start to allow more flexibility and working from home as a rule. This is your time to see what you want in a workspace.

Try and do more fitness than just trying to fitdis pizza in your mouth. 

Family Time

Yes this may seem strange, but it really is great to reconnect with the family and perhaps even explain to your family what it is exactly mommy does for a living. How are you going to keep children busy over this time?  Well that is a daunting prospect but we will be giving some tips over the next few days. To start off with though, remember to keep office hours set so that you are able to accomplish what it is you need to get done.

What an absolute classic, still think he could have smiled and had a little bit more fun with it. 

Collaboration platforms

Many online chat-based teams collaboration platforms are being used by satellite teams and workers all over the world. Get familiar with the one your company uses and plugin. This way, you will keep connected with the rest of your team online. Popular ones include Skype, Zoom, and MS Teams. These platforms can keep track of projects, workloads, and when work is completed. They are essential.

“Mommy told you she has a meeting and you didn’t want to listen”

Saving Money

Working from home means you are aren’t driving back and forth from work. Not only is this a huge saving in petrol money and wear and tear on your vehicle, but it will save you time too. Now, you have more time to spend with your family or to get fit and healthy by picking up that old exercise routine. There are many platforms giving away free weeks of  online yoga, fitness and lessons – take advantage of that.

You also aren’t going out for dinner anytime soon, and look let’s be honest. Financial times are going to be very tough after this and we are all going to have to work extra hard to get through this. So now is the time to save whilst we wait and see what the future holds for us all.

The dog may want you to stay forever, but the cat???

Have A Positive Mindset

While you may need to work from home now, and it may be lonely at times if you live alone and even if you don’t. when the time comes to venture outdoors again, Office and Co. bring you two options for office space. The Bureaux Coworking spaces and O&CO corporate suites. The Bureaux offers you a professional, hygienic office environment away from home, where you will have access to in-house baristas, a professional boardroom, and even networking drinks after work. Whilst O&CO provide a new take on office space and suites that are perfectly suited to corporate satellite teams.

The Bureaux considers itself a members club, offering three club membership packages – from daily memberships and dedicated desks to hot desks – for your working space needs. Take a look, and if you have a desire to work hard, network and thrive, then this is the workspace for you.

Keep up to date as we prep and plan offers during this time to ensure that we are able to best serve your business needs once we are all allowed out into a safe world.

To all of our readers, we trust that you are safely indoors and connecting with friends and family over this time. Remember to reach out to one person a day that you have not in a long time. It will mean the world to them.