You’re knee-deep into the first meeting of the year and you’re already starting to panic.  You have been assigned “minute-taker” this time and you’re worried that you may have missed something, especially when you dozed off during Paul’s vomit-worthy review.

Minute taking is an important element of a successful business, as it can help bring all the bits and pieces together, from all angles.  But, it is worthless, if you cannot simply gather the info and then regurgitate it to the relevant parties in an effective manner.

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Whats on the agenda?

What are the key elements in minute-taking?


Long before the minute has even commenced, you need to prepare.  Know what the meeting will be about, who will be contributing and what outcomes are expected.  There are many templates you can use to prepare for and notate the meeting.  But, essentially, ensure you have headers ready so that you can take your notes in an orderly manner.

  1. The date and time of the meeting, as well as which office the meeting took place
  2. The topic/agenda
  3. The names of the attendees expected – and a place to note who attended and who didn’t
  4. Each speakers name and a space to note down their contribution
  5. A space to note action items and dates
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It is easier, now, in our digital age, to take minutes on your laptop or tablet. This way you don’t need to try decipher to your own handwriting later or search for the wads of trees you seem to have misplaced en-route back to your desk.

As each speaker gives their thoughts and reports, take notes in bullet form.  If at any point you are not sure of what they have said, politely interrupt and ask them.  A fool stays a fool if he remains silent.

Mark off action items, who must attend to them and by when.  Note down any decisions made and if there were action points from the last meeting, note the feedback and decisions made there.

Where supplementary documents have been handed out, ensure you mark those and link them to your notes.

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Not all meetings need to be conventional. 


It is best to attend to the minutes almost immediately while they are fresh in your mind.  There may have been subtleties that you didn’t note down or remember later which would be relevant to the minute taking.

With your prepared headings, neatly type up the minutes in full sentences so that they make sense and can be actioned, and reported back on going forward.

Ensure that each attendee receives a copy via email and that it is clear who must action what and by when.   Get the minutes out within at least 24 hours of the meeting. This way, it is also fresh for those that attended and there can be no excuse for delays.

All of our locations are equipped with boardrooms and meetings rooms. Uniquely styled meeting rooms that enable conversation to flow and take shape. Our boardrooms have all the necessary in order to ensure your meeting is successful.

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