The way that businesses run nowadays is quite different from a few years back.  Employees enter and leave offices at given times, do their work, and return again to start over again.  That is the norm … or is it?  Remote employees are starting to pop up everywhere.


What are Remote Employees?

A remote employee does not go into a designated office every day and generally works either from home or a remote location away from the normal office.

The reason?  Mostly cost.  For many businesses, there is a cost of desk to take into account, and if the tasks pertaining to an employee doesn’t require that they be at the office, a remote situation can be more cost-effective.

An article from Forbes highlights that because almost 50% of the workforce works in telecommunication and another 85% have said they would prefer to work remotely. This means remote working is an attractive benefit to offer staff.

But, are they still part of the main office?

Remote Employees must be treated as part of the office

It is vital that a remote employee is treated just like their office-bound colleagues.  Very often, what happens is that the remote employee gets left out of typical office gatherings and updates. They become a nomad seen as “that guy” but not quite included.  Inclusion is important.

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How can you ensure your remote employees are still part of the office?


Set up a platform where communication between yourself, the owner; management, and other colleagues with the remote worker is seamless.  It may mean that someone needs to be in charge of that communication channel.  There are many online platforms, but they are no good if no one uses them. Choose the one that works well with your setup, your culture and your people.

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While we can connect with someone in a heartbeat remotely, very often we just don’t.  While we see ourselves as part of the digital transformation era, we do like to get up and go speak to someone.  Dialling in and remotely chatting through video cameras is easy, but still quite a foreign communication device. Encourage your remote workers and in-office workers to interact often – even set up a schedule.


It doesn’t mean because they are possibly far away that you can’t visit them.  Whether it’s you, the owner, or one of your staff, make sure they receive a visit. If you have a satellite team situated remotely, consider regular visits, both ways.


Office and Co. has many styles of offices and a remote worker setup does not mean they need to work from home.  A co-working open plan office, shared office space or rented office can work just as well.  You get to also keep some control in play when you know where they are. And, consider the collaboration possibilities there can be when they are around like-minded workers, such as in Office and Co.

Remote office workers are all the rage – but make sure you manage yours effectively.

If you’re ready to extend your business with remote workers, consider Office & Co. as we have you covered with a variety of office buildings in eclectic Cape Town or buzzing Gauteng.

What next?  Get in touch and explore investing in coworking office space today!