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The world has become so small that it only takes a virtual call to connect us with the other side of the globe.  Having said that, people still want to deal face-to-face.  But, how can you do that and not spend a fortune on opening branches up all over the world?  Satellite offices – that’s how!

What is a Satellite Office?

Essentially, a satellite office is a branch of a company that isn’t tied physically to the company’s head office, and most times isn’t at a location that the public would visit.

Why set up a Satellite Office?

A satellite office allows you to broaden your reach into possibly areas that you might not have been able to get into without setting up a large office arrangement.  A satellite office gives you the flexibility for when you need to send staff out.  Instead of them bumming off in a coffee shop, possibly not getting constructive work done, they can have a place to call home, as it were.

The collaboration aspect of satellite offices comes in when you set up in an already established office environment, such as a co-working or shared office organisation, like Office & Co.

Take the satellite office a step further, and set up a satellite team.

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What is a Satellite Team?

To make a satellite office work effectively, you need a dynamic workforce at the go-get. A satellite team is made up of a very different species of people. Many employees need to have the grounding of an office that they can go to and leave every day. Even certain salespeople, while in and out of the office, need a go-to, a home to lay their hat. A satellite team is comfortable with a space that isn’t set up like an everyday office.

The satellite team has a tight-knit methodology. Yes, they are part of the larger company, but they generally operate in their own time and space. The culture of a satellite team has a close-knit mentality and often they are seen as the rebels of the company. “Those guys” and “that lot” is often the start of sentences when referring to a satellite team.

This is not a bad thing, mind you, but satellite teams need to be managed quite differently. They represent their own small and often remote area, and they can be quite territorial about their space. It is important to cultivate the right satellite team for your business.

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Consider these aspects before putting together a satellite office –

  • LOCATION – suss out exactly what area would work well for your satellite team – what are all the potentials and possibilities in that area that can make it a success?
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – while your satellite team may be removed from your main office, they are still part of the company. Consider how you will engage with them from a distance
  • FLEXIBLE OFFICE OPTIONS – finding the right office dynamic is important. Co-working or shared office spaces are great but also consider renting where there are facilities and amenities to make the setup comfortable and productive
  • COSTS – take into account the cost of desk – what will it cost for you to rent that space, set up each satellite team member and will they bring in enough revenue to cover the costs?
  • WORK ENVIRONMENT – the atmosphere, the way that people work alone and together – these need to be considered otherwise the satellite office will fall apart in a short space of time

Office & Co. has you covered with a variety of office buildings in eclectic Cape Town or buzzing Gauteng. If you’re looking to set up a satellite office, consider one of our amazing and trendy office buildings.

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