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The stats show that the average person spends around 90 000 hours in their lifetime at the office.   That is about a third of your life, given that the average Joe should live till 70.

That’s a lot of time!  And, it means that you will be spending it with your office co-workers as well as near to your office neighbour/s.  Can you say that you know your office neighbour or neighbours very well?  Have you thought about the advantages of getting to know your office neighbour?

No?  Well, at Office & Co.,we have!

Your office neighbour may be your colleague you see every day. It may be the guy or gal that works in an office over in the next co-working cubicle.  Or, your office neighbour could be the gang across the passage in a completely different company and office to you.

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Here are some tips on getting to know your office neighbour :


Just like when someone moves into the house next door, so can you befriend your office neighbour with food.  Buy or bake a cake and take it around to say hello and welcome.  It will definitely get them smiling.  I mean, who doesn’t like a cake, right?


Invite them round for that Friday afternoon beer or margarita social.  Be sure to check as to whether they drink alcohol, of course, and make sure you have the ‘non-alc ‘variety available too.  A social is a great way to get to know people.   You just never know what you have in common or how you can do business together.

Millennials at work | O&CO


With Office & Co, we look to expose our clients to each other’s services.  Our website has a directory where we proudly showcase the various businesses that are in our office spaces.  We look to provide free marketing and exposure to our tenants via our digital platforms, and you as a tenant will get to know who is in your space better this way too.

You, as an Office & Co tenant, are encouraged to provide us with information on your business and we will actively promote your services via our website, blog and social media just what it is you do and assist in finding new networking opportunities for you.

The key to building relationships with strangers is to establish trust, and reaching out is the first step.  From there you need to engage and show interest.  Involve them in socials and networks. Ask questions and see how you can promote them and/or work with them.

At Office & Co, we believe in a community environment, one where colleagues and office neighbours can all collaborate and get on.

If you’re part of our community already and haven’t gone to meet your office neighbours yet, please do so. And, if you’re looking for a new office space, reach out to us today – we have some eclectic Cape Town or buzzing Gauteng offices for rent.

What next?  Get in touch and explore what office rentals we have available today.