Reset – Reboot – Revitalise
How to chill over the holidays so it counts

It’s been a mammoth of a year and you need to chillax for sure!  Burnout is on the up and up and even the World Health Organisation has declared burnout as the prime result of a stressful work life.

But often, it takes a few days or even a full week to really let go of the year that was and truly relax.

For all of us at Office & Co., we can appreciate the hustle of 2019 and even though we are looking forward to a bumper 2020 at our new offices, we appreciate that in order to have a good year ahead, we need to reset, reboot and revitalise.

But, how, you ask?

Simple – take note of our chill-pill tips right here and make the most of your time off.

Reset – Reboot and Revitalise


The first step to rebooting is to look back, take stock of what has happened and appreciate that you achieved a lot.  While you may be happy to say goodbye to 2019, it could not have been such a bad year that you cannot find something to tap yourself on the back about.  Think about your accomplishments, both personal and work-related.  Think about the people you met, both at the office and out socialising.  Which ones added value to your life?  What lessons did you learn from experiences and engagements?


In most situations, during the year, you would have been a little wound up and a little tense.  Those weekly meetings, those employee reviews or those intense client think tanks – they all take a toll on your body and mind.  For the holidays, let it go. Try to clear your mind and tell yourself it is time for just you.  Consider yoga or a meditation session.  While you may laugh at this, it really can help you to revitalise your entire being.

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Yes, it is holiday time and that gives us permission, somewhat, to eat and be merry.  And, why not?  Do indulge a bit, but don’t go overboard.  Tanking up on greasy and heavy foods may taste good to start out with but soon will take its toll on your body.  Consider allowing yourself a small cheat per day, but for the most part focus on healthy, lighter foods.


Music has a magic way of resetting the mind and loosening the body up.  Consider what style of music helps you to relax and let go.  Then, ensure you play that daily whilst on holiday, even if it’s just for an hour.  Let your body and mind become one with the music.

So, by now, you are asking yourself what kind of kooks those nutters are down at Office & Co. but truth be told, we all need a break. And, before the new year hits us and we are back into the swing of things, it is good to reset, reboot and revitalise.

The Office & Co. gang are all about balance.  We have a vision to create a community of office dwellers who look forward to going to work every day and who see their office space as an extension of themselves.

What next?  Get in touch and explore what office rentals we have available today so you too can be part of our balanced community.