Office. Secret. Santa. Some people thrive, others flounder. Some people hit, others miss. It’s a cruel game of random selection where you’re often paired with the pickiest (and prickliest) partner. But fear not dear reader. Office & Co. is here to ensure your gift this year is unrivalled, that you are revered as the best Secret Santa your office has ever seen, that a plaque is blacksmithed in your honour and attached above your office’s front door…

But, before we get into the deets, let’s chat moola. Either your own budget or the budget set by the big Boss will determine your gifting price; for the sake of ease we’ve assembled a glorious array of gifts between R150 and R200. Get gifting!


How to manage your money like a F*cking grownup |
Start With Why | Simon SInek | Office and Co

Holiday reading at it’s best

We hope you know your work people well enough to know what they like between the sheets – sheets of paper, which is a book. Minds out the gutter please. So here’s some witty writing and practical prose all for under R200:

  • Manage your money like a f*cking grown up by Sam Beckbessinger: R185. We feel this is the perfect book for someone in your accounts department – it’s gonna get the laughs, it has to. Please do it for us.
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: R165. A shepherd boy, a gypsy fortune teller and the Egyptian pyramids – it’s a beautiful, prophetic adventure waiting to be consumed.
  • Start with why by Simon Sinek: R185. If you aren’t familiar with Simon’s now uber-famous TED Talk on staring with why as the driving question of your business, then take a watch here. And the book? It packages all of that and more into some of the best pages out there.
  • The power of habit by Charles Duhigg: R189. Form the habit of getting to work on time, Karen. Hint, hint. We jest of course, but in this book you’ll explore scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed (for the better).


‘Tis the season to be relaxing

Is it weird buying a colleague something to use in their bathroom? Unless you deliver it with a card that says ‘Here, you need this’ we think you’re okay. Coincidentally, however, smells in the office are rated the worst and are often impossible to deal with. We did some sensory sleuthing on this topic and you can read about it here if you so desire.

Back to the bathroom…

  • Lush has some really reasonably priced, sublimely smelling bath bombs and bubble bars starting from R89 each. You can assemble your own little bathroom basket or choose from their pre-packaged goodies. Their limited edition Sweet Christmas goodie bag includes the Angel’s Delight bath bomb and Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar for just R195.
  • Faithful to Nature is another perfect pitstop on your Secret Santa hunt for gifts. They have great starter kits including all the bits and bobs needed to indulge in bathroom and bath-time bliss. Check our their Simply Bee Start Kit for only R90 or the Faithful to Nature Beauty Gift Bundle for just a smidge over budget at R214.17.
  • Oh so Heavenly is bringing simple pleasures back to the bathroom with this jam-packed, but affordable, gift set for only R99.99. And Sorbet is running in a hot second with their own 5-star, 5-piece gift set for R179. And for the boys? When we say there’s an adidas aftershave and shower gel going for R168 including a very fetching vanity bag, we mean it.



An amateur golfers dream

Whether lady or gent we’re all suckers for gadgets that make life easier, and they’re often something we would never think of buying for ourselves, but for a colleague? Camaan!

  • Now we cannot, we repeat, cannot vouch for how well these work but if your Secret Santa recipient happens to be an avid golfer why not spring for a pair of these babies: Golf ball finder glasses. Yes folks, without them those golf balls are lost to the green…FOREVER. Grab them for R199 on the dot.
  • Ever heard of a 5-in-1 multitool money clip? Well you have now. We don’t know what you’d use the other ‘tools’ for but gift it to a colleague and see what ingenious uses they find. This bad boy is also R199 on the dot.
  • Being on camera doesn’t phase us anymore but we’re sure some of you are getting tired or removing the Prestik, sticky tape or heaven knows what else off your camera every time you need to show up for your Zoom close up. People are still a bit iffy with leaving their laptop cameras ‘exposed’. If this sounds like the colleague you’ve been given for Secret Santa grab them a Tuff-Luv webcam cover – it fits phones, tablets and laptops. Give them peace of mind for just R165. That 100% sounded like a line for a commercial. Ha!
  • Does your Secret Santa recipient like to cook? Do they own a garlic rocker? No? For shame. Get them one; it makes crushing garlic simpler than ever and is just fun to do. Snag this while it’s on special for R180.


Given recent events a lot of us are spending time outdoors. We think this category is a pretty safe bet regardless of age, gender or office rivalry. Take a gander below…
• You cannot go wrong with a picnic blanket. Even if people don’t think they need one they will, when they’re forced to sit on wet grass or gravel, wish for the cushy relief of this item. Buy this navy beauty for a hair over budget at R209. Or order this black one for R199.
• If they’re an active, outdoorsy sort of guy or gal give them hours of fun with the sleek, beach- or park-ready Aerobie Superdisc. We’re talking high-tech Frisbee guys, high-tech. It’s R199 on the nose.
• A mini. pocket. microscope. We feel this is something David Attenborough would carry. Or a keen botanist. Or just someone cooler than us. It comes in a variety of colours and is only R199. Go, go, go!


A true holiday treat. 

Some people like to cook. But everybody loves to eat. Whether it’s spice packs, snack packs or six packs anything grub (and drink) related is sure to hit the mark.

  • Take your colleague on a sensory, salty journey with this 8-tube salt pack which includes salt flavours Himalayan pink and Bolivian rose. We all know we don’t know what that means but it just sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Get it for R199.
  • How ‘bout a bit of gin experimentation with this lovely little 4-gin mix pack for only R150. You could even throw in a few fresh lemons to top this gift off.
  • A craft beer and nibbly bites hamper for R189.95? Ah, yes please. Let you colleague tuck in.
  • A little on the expensive side, but the Ranger gear from The Meat Ranger looks really cool.

We’ve also gotta look out for the office romances. So if your boo happens to balance the books a cubicle away why not spice up your Secret Santa with some X-rated fortune cookies? You didn’t get the idea from us (but you did…but you didn’t).

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, please check out the sexily named (and equally sexy looking) Progressive avo slicer and masher for but just 69 South African rands. Enjoy.

And finally, finally – we hope you can tell we know a bit about gifting. But we know even more about functional, affordable, good-looking office spaces. We mean goooood-looking. Explore our spaces in Cape Town and Joburg and see for yourself. Get in touch here.