“You are not an island”

You may have heard that a few times in your life – and it couldn’t be more relevant than in today’s business world.  Collaboration is a big part of our lives, or so it should be, and investing in coworking office space is a step in the right direction.

When you’re starting out in a business, it may sound very real and exciting to say you began in your garage (like many of the now Silicon Valley giants) but it’s not necessary. Why? Because coworking office space exists.  In fact, it’s so popular that there are a whopping 35 000 plus flexible or coworking office space buildings in the world.  Further, the global market value has been estimated at $26 billion.  That’s impressive!

And, so the question begs – why aren’t more people coworking?

Possibly because they don’t yet realise the investment benefits of coworking office space.

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Reasons to invest in coworking office space

Strength in Numbers

Much like an army, people do well in numbers.  While we are not technically going into battle together (well, with some clients, that is debatable) there is a plus to being part of a team.  And, part of a team we are when we’re in a coworking office.  By having a broad range of potential suppliers around us, we are opening ourselves up to more options, larger revenue possibilities and wider collaboration prospects. Leveraging on each others networks is a true bonus to coworking office spaces.


Hey, can you help me with …?

Ever wanted to just reach out and ask someone this?  But, then you realise you are sitting at home, at your dining room table, all alone?  While we are as near to the next freelancer, small business or corporate satellite team as a phone call, email or Skype/Zoom chat, it would be so much easier, cost-effective and time-saving to chat to Joe at the next desk or office down the hall.

The new age of functional, serviced office spaces is here and all you need to do is put up your hand.  We are all in the same boat … so why not use what’s clearly on offer?

Not just for the small fish

The big fish are also considering coworking office space and in fact, the stats show, in the US alone (and, we know that is where it all starts) that 40% of coworking type space demand will be coming from large and corporate businesses.  In fact, right now 14% of employees from large corporates, in America, are using coworking spaces.

That goes to show you that clearly it is a viable and lucrative option, even for the big honcho companies. So, you, as an individual business owner, are in good company.

Flexible and far more productive

While a coffee shop or even your living room may do and you will produce some amazing work in this environment, the flexible options of coworking spaces far outweigh.

Whether you prefer a bull-pen space, a hot desk or a private office, you have the flexibility of choosing and changing up or down. (space availability applicable of course).  Pause areas, shared kitchens, meeting rooms and so much more – coworking office space gives you so much more than you could ever solicit from your garage or that popular but noisy coffee shop up the road.

Are you ready to take that step?  Office & Co. has you covered with a variety of office buildings in eclectic Cape Town or buzzing Gauteng.

What next?  Get in touch and explore investing in coworking office space today!